Igbo by name,
Hausa by behavior.
Can one place one’s tribe
Below another Nigerian tribe?
Yes, here comes the Hausa-Igbos.
Yes, Great Zik was Hausa-Igbo.
Jim Nwobodo is Hausa-Igbo.
Rochas Okorocha is Hausa-Igbo.

Hausa-Igbos are Igbos,
Born in the North,
Attended early school
In the North, or either
Parent is Hausa-Fulani.
It must be something
In the “kwuli kwuli,”
“Suya,” or “fura da nono?”

Whatever it is,
An Hausa-Igbo speaking Igbo
With an Igbo, will
Revert to Hausa, once
An Hausa-Fulani joins.
An Hausa-Igbo trivializes,
Murder by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen,
But will kill you for harming a cow.

Hausa-Fulanis kill Hausa-Igbos,
On the slightest pretext, but
Hausa-Igbos will never leave
The human abattoirs of the North.
With Hausa-Igbos on the side of
The Jihadist APC Hausa-Fulanis,
The conquest of the South,
Is already a fait accompli!

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