Germany fought World War I and lost.
The Treaty of Versailles made Germans Slaves.
Germans fought a Second World War and lost.
The battered Allies gave Germans a Marshall Plan,
Not another Treaty of Versailles or London or Paris.
Germany got lasting respect and peace by fighting two wars.
Igbos fought the Biafra-Nigeria War and lost.
No Victor, No Vanquished, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, and Reconciliation,
Turned into Igbo Maltreatment, Marginalization, Murder and Humiliation.
Is turning Igbo land into one big cow colony for imported Fulani cows, next?

Do you want Igbo land converted into a big cattle colony,
Because you do not want a second Biafra-Nigeria war?
Then, accommodate the Slow March to Igbo extinction.
Germans gained respect by fighting and losing two wars,
Igbos will gain respect by showing readiness to fight,
A second justified war, when pushed to the limits of disenfranchisement.
“When you prepare for war, peace will ensue, when you prepare for peace,
War will be visited upon you” – Chidiogo, African Philosopher.
A second Biafra-Nigeria War will ensue that Igbos get their “Marshall Plan,”
And respect of Nigerians, especially the conniving Yoruba- Hausa-Fulani Alliance.

When someone is determined to kill you and your family,
Fighting back is not an option, it is the only option.
Igbos either fight or become slaves in Nigeria forever.
The Hausa-Fulani -Yoruba alliance is designed, to
Keep Igbos in perpetual enslavement, and servitude.
Jewish Slaves revolted in Egypt, Igbo Slaves revolted in America,
And Igbo Slaves, will surely revolt in Nigeria as MMM, becomes
Unbearable, intolerable, suffocating, and stunting of Igbo growth.
An inevitable second-Biafra- Nigeria War may ensue, bringing
Long lasting peace and prosperity to Nigeria and Biafra.


  1. The Germans were worse of at the end of Second World War than they were after the First World War. Treaty of Versailles left Germany intact as a country and their government intact. There were minor boundary adjustments like loss of Alsace Lorraine to France in the West and joint control of port city of Danzig(Gadanz after 1945). Germany paid reparations. Compare to 1945, Germany was divided among four powers, nothing like German government, surviving leaders faced the Nuremberg Tribunal with some executed or long jail sentences. German border in the east was now the Odder Nisse line with the formerly jointly administered port of Danzig now Gadanz completely Polish and deep in Polish territory. No reparations which the Germans were paying at their convenience but everything including human beings in Germany belonged to the allies powers who did whatever they wished with people and property.
    In fact there is no comparison between 1918 negotiated Versailles Treaty and the unconditional surrender of 1945.

    1. Where is Germany today?
      Was the Treaty of Versailles a Marshall Plan or a Suffocation Plan?
      Is Germany divided today?
      Which Country has the biggest economy in Europe?
      Germany emerged after these wars, a greater power with a pacifist government, respected the world over.
      You may be the only one in the world who thinks the Treaty of Versailles was fair to Germany.

      “The Treaty of Versailles was created to cripple Germany so that they could not start another war. One side of the argument is that the Treaty was extremely unfair to Germany, as it took away some of her most valuable assets and fuelled nationalism. However, the other side of the argument is that as Germany caused a lot of damage, she deserved to be punished and prevented from stirring up more trouble.”

      Africastallestman does his homework!

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