Sahara Reporters championed the Buhari Presidency by spreading misinformation about President Goodluck Jonathan. Her jaundiced reporting favoring one side of a dispute, was also very manifest during the attempt by GTB, a majority Yoruba bank, to shut down Innoson Motors, a thriving Igbo business.

Mr. Omoyele Sowore published internal GTB documents on his jaundiced rag website to discredit Mr. Innocent Chukwuma. One would have expected the malarious and malicious “journalists” to interview Mr. Chukwuma for his own side of the story. No, he did not play according to “sahara” rules.

The exposé by Adeotun Onajobi on how Mr. Omoyele Sowore killed the story of a human trafficking, slavery, and prostitution ring in Ikeja is gut-wrenching, despicable, and deplorable. Same Sowore, who was obviously compromised by the perpetrators of this crime, destroyed the tape.

Now in the midst of an attempt by the Cabal controlling the puppet Buhari, who has advanced dementia, to install an Hausa-Fulani as Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mr. Sowore and his jaundiced staffing, are circulating concocted tales about Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen because he is not under the influence of the Cabal.
According to Capitalist Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, join APC and have your sins forgiven. Judge Onnoghen has refused to join the APC.

If Chief Justice Onnoghen is easily influenced by money, the corrupt APC (Association of Present Criminals) would bribe him to deliver a favorable judgement. The Cabal wants Onnoghen removed because he is not influenceable by bribery.

Why are Igbos so prone to compromise? The petition against the CJN was written by an Igbo ex-aide of Buhari, Mr Dennis Aghanya. The Sahara allegation was also attributed to another compromised Igbo, Ms. Annie Orji.
Igbos do not deserve the Ministry of Works, Power, and Housing but are good only as agent provocateurs for the Cabal.

Africastallestman urges the Igbos to start sanctioning Igbo miscreants as the Yorubas and Hausa-Fulanis are wont to, and also urges Sahara Reporters to stop her shenanigans.

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