Awolowo was emasculated, and imprisoned,
For treasonable felony, by Hausa-Fulani.
Revolutionary, mainly Igbo Army Officers,
Overthrow the Hausa-Fulanis, with intent
To install Obafemi Awolowo as Prime Minister.

Awolowo released by Ojukwu from Calabar Prison,
Returns to Lagos, and makes peace, with
His Hausa-Fulani tormentors, becomes
Vice President of Nigeria, to the astonishment
Of, the young revolutionary Igbo and Yoruba Officers.

Awolowo unleashes his hatred on Igbos,
By changing Nigeria’s currency in wartime,
By using hunger against Igbos as an,
Instrument of war, by giving Igbos, £20
After the Biafra-Nigeria War ended in 1970.

Awolowo proceeds to Indigenize, all foreign
Enterprises in Nigeria, after giving Igbos, £20.
What did Awolowo expect £20 to buy?
The Afonja Syndrome, afflicting Yoruba Leaders,
Continues till modern times unabated.

Awolowo defines treachery, as Afonja defined
Treachery, by giving Ilorin, a Yoruba Homeland to
Alimi, an itinerant Hausa-Fulani Jihadist.
Tinubu continues in the Afonja tradition, by
Handing over Nigeria to a clueless Buhari.

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