Origins rooted in “Paganism.”
Appropriated by Christians.
Adopted by Muslims and Others.
Transformed into a carnival.
Carnival of excesses in,
Food, drink, lust, and ostentation.

Remembrance of the birth of Christ,
Turned into regurgitation of human
Excesses, excrement, and evil.
Christmas is preferred time for,
Lay-offs, indictments, and persecution.
What would Christ say about Christmas?

“I lived, died, and was buried simply.
Remember me by spreading the
Wealth, not flaunting your wealth.
It would be easier to pass a camel
Through the eye of a needle than for
The wealthy and wicked to enter Heaven.”

C – Commercialized
H – Histrionic
R – Remembrance
I – Instituted
S – Supposedly
T – To
M – Memorialize
A – Almighty
S – Savior

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