Nigerian Igbos invest outside Igbo land.
Igbo Igbos invest in Igbo land.
Nigerian Igbos champion “One Nigeria.”
Igbo Igbos champion self-determination for Igbo Igbos.

Nigerian Igbos are stupendously rich.
Igbo Igbos are just living day to day.
Nigerian Igbos make money off “Stupid Nigerians.”
Igbo Igbos make money off their own sweat.

Nigerian Igbos are in the minority.
Igbo Igbos are the majority of Igbos.
The success of the Nigerian Igbos,
Does not rub off on the Igbo Igbos.

Nigerian Igbos do not employ Igbo Igbos.
Nigerian Igbos employ mostly non-Igbo Nigerians.
Nigerian Igbos flee to Igbo land when,
“Stupid Nigerians” start butchering them.

“Stupid Nigerians” have no investment in Igbo land.
“Stupid Nigerians” realize that Nigeria is an arrangement.
“Stupid Nigerians” are happy that Nigerian Igbos,
Are developing their lands for them, for eventual confiscation.

Nigerian Igbos use their riches to act against Igbo Igbo’s interests.
Nigerian Igbos have secured their sinecure in Nigeria.
Nigerian Igbos continue to invest in Nigeria,
Nigerian Igbos do not care about unemployed Igbo Igbos.

Nigerian Igbos, enjoy your riches with non-Igbo Nigerians.
Nigerian Igbos, do not seek to relocate to Igbo land.
Nigerian Igbos, leave Igbo Igbos to determine their destiny.
Nigerian Igbos, use their “Igboness” to swindle “Stupid Nigerians for self-aggrandizement.

Nigerian Igbos, Igbo Igbos do not seek your assistance
In the emancipation of Igbos and Igbo land,
You have cast your lot with “Stupid Nigerians” who will kill,
And confiscate your property, under the slightest fabricated excuse.

Now is the time for Nigerian Igbos who only visit Igbo land on holidays,
And return their corpses for burial in Igbo land,
To butt out of the fight for a referendum, on Igbo self-determination.
And concentrate on developing Nigeria for Nigerians excepting Igbo Igbos.

Igbo Igbos will fight to liberate Igbo Igbos from Nigerian MMM.
Igbo Igbos will reserve burial plots for Nigerian Igbos murdered by,
“Stupid Nigerians” wishing to appropriate their property.
Money sense without political sense is asinine!

MMM – Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder.

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