Nigerians will trust someone, who has not changed to produce change – Buhari.
Buhari was changed in a military election or coup for poor management.
Nigerians will trust someone, who could not fix the country’s landline,
To fix the entire country plagued by intractable ills – Abiola.
Nigerians are indeed very funny people, when making serious choices.

So funny they spend days, if not hours, on social media sharing and
Watching gory videos or senseless comedies, that immunizes and
Isolates them from the harsh realities of life, and incites bouts of laughter.
Nigerian Politicians have capitalized on the funny nature of Nigerians and
Have turned into comedians, to lessen the pain of the looting – Osinbajo

No nation has ever achieved greatness, through humor or comedy.
Humor is a temporary remedy for chronic political and economic problems.
Humor is a good tonic in bad times, but can also dull our senses to reality.
Can Nigerians laugh themselves out of bad governance, economic doom, and crime?
No, but most Nigerians gullibly believe that, laughter is a panacea to every ill.

Which other nation on Earth uses humor to overlook incompetent and
murderous Governments, economic recession, terrorist murderers and crass nepotism?
None, except Nigerians who use humor to overlook any political malfeasance.
Nigerians, confront and solve your problems by mass action and protests.
Humor not known to have solved National Political Problems anywhere.

Maybe, Nigerians are endowed with defective genes, primed for humor, resulting
In, Nigerians sharing and voraciously devouring humorous nonsensical videos.
Few Nigerians explore educational links or are interested in explorative research.
A combination of genes for humor, poor governance, indifference, and corruption,
May explain why Nigerian Politicians, get away with practically anything.

Laughter is not the answer to poor governance, indifference, and corruption.
Burst your seams laughing and end up in the mortuary, because
Nigeria has no healthcare facilities to stitch your burst seams.
Until a political documentary garners more viewership than a voodoo-laced movie,
Nigerian Politicians will always get away with reprehensible acts of any magnitude.

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