Not content with three terrorist groups,
Buhari wants a fourth terrorist group.
Shobo Bakam will be the answer,
To Buhari’s maltreatment, marginalization, and
Murder of protesting Shi’a Muslims.

Protest justified by persecution of Shiites,
Maltreatment and incarceration of their leader,
Sheik El-Zakzaky on trumped up charges.
Meanwhile, Terrorist Sunni Organizations,
Mollified by ransom and secret trials.

Sick Sunni Buhari flown to London,
For treatment of unknown illness.
Sick Shi’a Leader incarcerated,
At unknown location to die of a known illness.
Where is the Justice and Equity?

Buhari flouting of court orders,
More violent than Shiites,
Demonstrating for Justice.
Religious freedom is enshrined in
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sunnis are more violent than Shiites.
Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, Al Qaeda Haram,
Boko Haram, and Fulani Terrorists are Sunnis.
Uneducated Islamists are violent,
Not a Shi’a or Sunni phenomenon.

Educated Sunnis more violent,
Than Educated Shiites and Christians.
Educated Sunnis killing children,
Destroying infrastructure, and
Starving Yemeni non-combatants to death.

CSOs and NGOs sycophants,
Calling for proscription of Shiites.
Sycophants more harmful than Shiites.
Should Sunnis also be proscribed?
Maybe CSOs and NGOs should be proscribed.

Sunnis kill more Nigerians in one day,
Than Shiites kill in five years.
Shiites kill in self defense,
Sunnis kill without provocation.
Release El-Zakzaky immediately.

Executing civil rights demonstrators,
Backed by favorable legal judgements,
Is a crime against humanity.
Buhari’s ICC charges are piling.
Buhari, start obeying court orders.

Nip Shobo Bakam in the bud.
Unjustified killing of Shiites, or
Death of their leader, El-Zakzaky
In your Gulag, will result in the
Actualization of Shobo Bakam.

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