They come in all colors.
They exist on all continents.
They belong to all religions.
They inherit suppression from forebears.

They are born to rule.
They are not elected.
They are selected.
They rule for life.

They are Men Born to Suppress.
They suppress the press.
They suppress religious freedom.
They suppress individual freedoms.

They suppress dissenting voices.
Men born to Suppress,
Can kill you in your country, or
Can kill you in another country.

Nothing will happen to MBS.
Because the West and East love MBS.
Where Men Born to Suppress rule,
The business opportunities for East and West are limitless.

4 thoughts on “MEN BORN TO SUPPRESS (MBS).

  1. Mohammed Bin Salaam the Saudi Arabian crown prince and de facto ruler. He has come to the end of the road

  2. The cock and the wolf, the cock 🐓 asked the wolf 🐺 why he always avoid him, and wolf answered, it’s because of the flame 🔥 fire on your head. The cock protested it is not fire but flesh and asked the wolf to come and touch it, from that moment the secret of the terror on cock’s head was unmasked and the wolf killed the cock and ate him up. Buhari is the worst thing that has happened to the Fulanis.

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