The only civilized nation in the Western World.
A nation that has apologized to Aborigines,
For her sordid and murderous historical past.
A nation that welcomes refugees, of
All colors, religions, and sexual orientation.
Thank you Canada for standing up, to
The murderous, despotic, and feudal
Rulers of Saudi Arabia, from the House of Saud.
There is no place for brutal and atavistic dictatorship in 2018.

A Kingdom created by the West and can also be,
Dismantled by the West, especially Britain and the USA.
A kingdom that publicly beheads non-Muslims,
Using Islamic Sharia Law and Kangaroo Courts.
A nation that is inflicting misery, hunger, and death on innocent Yemenis,
With arms, logistics, and support of the Western powers.
A nation that imprisons and executes, civil rights campaigners and dissidents,
While her Western Allies keep mute and profess Christian values.
Is bombing children, women, hospitals, and public utilities, Christian values?

A nation that has extended her killing machinery outside her borders.
A nation that killed Journalist Jamal Khashoggi in her Istanbul Consulate.
Canada, thank you for breaking relations with Saudi Arabia.
You must also cancel the $15 billion LAV* deal with Saudi Arabia.
The West is appalled at Venezuela for her socialist-leaning policies.
But “palls” with a murderous regime in Saudi Arabia because of money.
Saudi Arabia needs Western money as much as,
The West needs dirty, heavy, and bloody Saudi crude oil.
Oil awash with sulfur and other toxins exacerbating global warming.

If the West scorns Saudi oil, other nations will make up the difference.
Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations will step up.
Thanks Canada for putting human lives over blood money and bloodier profits.
Wish American and Britain will follow their professed Christian policies.
What will these “Christian” Nations tell Jesus Christ in the afterlife.
Do they really believe in Jesus or do they pay lip service to Christianity?
With or without Western support, there will be change in Saudi Arabia.
Africastallestman hopes it will be a democracy, not a theocracy!
Did someone say Iran transitioned from dictatorship to theocracy?

*LAV = Light Armored Vehicle.

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