Igbos went from having no Kings,
To every Igbo being a King or Chief.
Not just ordinary King or Chief,
But with such appellations as
High Chief, Imperial Chief, Middle Chief,
King or Chief of all Igbos as in Gburugburu.

What an abomination and desecration of
Cherished Igbo culture, for nonentities unknown
Outside their nuclear families, to claim to be
Paramount Igbo Kings and Chiefs, holding sway,
Over an elite tribe such as the Igbo?
This is the height of Igbo Megalomania.

Add their fake Drs., Sirs, Alhajis, and Professors,
And the stench stinks to the high heavens.
Until Igbos rein in these miscreants by
Ostracism and public shaming, other tribes,
Will exploit these weaknesses to undermine,
Exploit, humiliate and marginalize Igbos.

What prevents an unchallenged fake Igbo King,
Or Chief from presenting himself to constituted
Authorities, and claiming the Igbo share of,
The distributable portions of the National Cake,
Left by the misanthropic Nigerian Politicians.
Igbos get your act together immediately!

One thought on “IGBO MEGALOMANIA

  1. You have spoken wrll my brother. One might think that those of us over here would have known better, intead, they are behaving worst than the politicians at home. My take on this is to leave them alone. May be that’s the only way they feel accomplished in their lives. Who knows?

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