Denying an incumbent Governor,
A chance for a second term,
By his party never ends well,
For the ruling party,
In a competitive election.

Denial opens a door, for
The opposition to steal,
The Lagos State gubernatorial election.
Ambode is gone but is not gone,
He will become a thorn,
In the flesh of the APC.

After an open fight with Tinubu,
The Asiwaju of Jagaban,
Which Ambode lost, there will be,
Retributions and acrimony between,
Victor and vanquished, A loss for the
APC and a gain for the PDP.

2 thoughts on “APC IS THE LOSER.

  1. Ambode won’t fight. He is too much of a coward. He’ll be hoping to cool down and paid with ministerial position.

    1. His hopes will be dashed because Buhari ain’t coming back. If Buhari rigs himself in, start singing the nunc dimittis for Nigeria.
      Why did he label Sanwo-Olu in public, if he can’t stomach a fight?

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