What business has a Government regulating
The number of taxicabs in a town?
None in a truly free market economy.
Taxi medallions and liquor licenses have
Become family properties, obtained for
Pennies and resold for hundreds of
Thousands of dollars. This is unfair
Personal enrichment using public resources.

Liquor licenses are easier to obtain in the
Not free developing World than in America.
Why? People who got licenses 60 years ago
For nothing, are selling for 200,000 dollars.
Why should the licenses not revert to the
Issuing authorities?’ Is this a free market or a
Monopolistic market! Liquor licenses should be
Available to new entrants needing them.

Why should professions determine the
Number of new entrants into their professions?
In a truly free market, falling compensation in
A saturated field will dissuade newcomers
From joining that profession. Regulation of
Numbers in a profession is monopoly that
Keeps prices high for the public. If every
Doctor wants to be a spine surgeon,
Prices for spinal surgery will drop.

No business entity in a free market needs a
Government handout to avoid bankruptcy.
The market should decide losers and winners.
“Too big to fail” has no place in a free market.
They got big because the market was not free.
No one complained as they reaped the profits
And they should not complain as the market
Pushes back and retakes the ill-gotten profits.

The concept of a free economy is a fallacy,
So is the concept of democracy. Modern
Democracies are like Monetocracies.
Get outspent, get pummeled at the polls.
Just as there is no free market economy anywhere,
So are there no free and fair elections anywhere.
Forget the words, pay attention to the actors and their intentions.
Those reaping the profits will resist change!

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