Telling the truth in an investigation
May result in perjury and conviction
So does telling a lie in an investigation
Therefore, the right thing to do
Is not to testify in a political lawsuit
Where the stakes are very high.

Just as there are alternative truths
So are alternative lies and half-truths
Muller has to sought through the lies,
Truths, and half-truths to find the truth
This is a tall order, chock full of prejudices
Errors of omission, and of commission

Whoever said that the truth is easy
Must be living an alternative life
Truths and lies are relative and dynamic
The truth that the Earth was flat is now a lie
Therefore a truth to Muller, Cohen, and Manafort
May be a lie in the eyes of President Trump

Muller has to tread carefully so as not
To entrap President Trump in the
Perjury trap that may result in
Impeachment charges by Congress
Trump is right not to testify before Muller
As always Trump is right again.

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