1. Did he promise to secede if Ojukwu seceded?

2. Why did he accept a position from his Northern jailers to advance Yoruba interests?

3. Why would Awo accept the recommendations of a panel on Biafran finances without going through it? Will he be so callous with Yoruba interests?

4. Why was the Midwest created if Awo was very magnanimous?

5. Despite his boasts, the Western Region did not outperform the Eastern Region by any measure. Thanks to M.I. Power Okpara.

6. Show documentation on amount of money looted by Biafrans in Benin. Most funds were looted by Midwesterners.

7. The currency change was a punitive measure engineered by Awo to punish Biafrans.

8. How much money was in ACB and Cooperative Bank branches in Nigeria that was confiscated by Nigeria?

9. Awo never denied his starvation speech.

10. Biafra refused a land food corridor from Nigeria because of fear of poisoning. If someone wants to starve you to death, wouldn’t poisoning be easier and faster?

11. Why not fully compensate those Biafrans who had their complete bank records?

12. Why did Awo kept mute about the abandoned property in Port Harcourt?

13. East Central State had a government under saboteur Mr. Ukpabi Asika, a member of the SMC (Supreme Military Council). Therefore, Awo could not have stolen Igbo money due to the creation of East Central State. He may have, if there was no East Central State.

14. The Indigenization Decree was planned by Awo. He knew that £20.00 given to Biafrans will buy nothing.

15. The ACB and Cooperative Banks are not Igbo banks. They loaned money to all qualified persons. Igbos love money and will loan to the highest bidder.

16. The poor will suffer the most in any war and the Biafran war is no exception. Awo did not say anything new. No one starts a war to punish the poor. The poor suffer collateral damage as the military says it.


  1. Thanks, Tallestman,, you picked every fiber in the brain of the seeming master of Action Group. History, does not as such, simply evaporate, and we know it. All the best.

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