“I knew that God was with us and would not leave us out.”
Messi, praising the Argentine god after defeating Nigeria.
The Argentine god lets Argentina play handball while
opponents play football, ask Diego Maradona.
Argentina won the 1986 World Cup by “the hand of god.”
However, other nations fortified their gods to counter Argentina.

After eliminating Nigeria by handball, the French god
was ready and waiting for the handballers from Argentina.
The stronger French god overpowered the Argentine god
despite all pleas from Messi and his teammates.
Nigeria left her god in Nigeria as she could not afford the air ticket
or was it embezzled by Officials of the Football Federation?

The French god beat the Argentine god, 4 – 3.
Argentina was beaten 3-0 by Croatia and Argentines
thought that the Croatian god will defeat the French god.
The French god defeated the Croatian god, 4 – 2.
Messi and the Argentines abandoned their god and
are looking for a strong European god

The strongest gods at Russia 2018 were from Europe,
French, Croatian, and Belgian in that order.
The Nigerian god was still waiting at Abuja Airport
and was surprised to see the players disembarking
from the return flight from Moscow. See what happens
when a team travels without a god.

Meanwhile, God was amused at how people drag
God’s name into every human activity.
Why would I, God, favor one nation over another
in a sporting competition, that is meant for fun?
The trophies are bonuses but the main aim is
entertainment, goodwill, and recreation

God warns all players, in any sport, at any level
to desist from dragging God’s name into sports
or be prepared for God’s wrath. Footballers who
praise God for wins and forget to praise God for
losses are especially warned to cease and desist
from this heinous and un -Godly activity.

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  1. Now, this one got me laughing so hard, “Nigeria left her god in Nigeria as she could not afford the air ticket…”
    Nice one

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