Slaves prayed for 400 years,
Sang for over 300 years,
Prayed at the Baptist Church,
Then at the Baptist Missionary Church,
Next at the Methodist Church,
Followed by the Episcopal Church,
And the combined AME Church,
African Methodist Episcopal Church,
And finally at the COGIC Church,
Church of God in Christ.

God kept smiling at Slaves,
And nothing changed until,
Slaves started praying at,
The Church of Demonstrations,
The Church of Civil Disobedience,
The Church of Marches, and
The Church of Powerful Speeches.
God now relented and said,
Now, I will help Slaves gain
Some freedom, and some dignity.

But they have to do more
For themselves, tithing to Pastors,
Will not achieve Uhuru for Blacks.
Blacks need to look inwards
For lasting social, economic.
Political, and cultural Uhuru.
Blacks need to respect Blacks.
Blacks buy from black businesses.
Whites have too much money,
And do not need your money.

Wasn’t it God who enjoined,
I only help those who help
Themselves, and not those
Who pray for Manna to fall
From Heaven or the Government.
It will not happen as God,
Has given Blacks the means to farm.
Praying to God to fight your
Battles is asinine, and probably
Damn annoying to God.

For those who do not listen,
Keep praying for another 400 years,
And God will keep you waiting
Forever, as God is too busy
Helping those who are praying,
And taking concrete physical steps,
To extricate themselves from Slavery,
Genocide, Maltreatment, Marginalization
Torture and eventually Murder.
God is ready to receive dead bodies anytime.

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