You courageously entered the lions’ den
from your cozy circumstances in London,
barehandedly fought and wounded the lions,
devouring and mauling your people.
Thank you Mazi Nnamdi Kalu.

Your people instead of helping finish off the
lions, turned on you and mercilessly mauled
you. The lions recovered, finished you off and
resumed mauling and killing your people with
greater intensity and ferocity.

Stupid, lame, and shameless excuses were
proffered by your elders for not joining the
fight. Did they design a better way of fighting
the lions? No. They fortified their homes and
invited more lions for the ‘“Final Solution.”

Now, that you are gone, have they seized
the opportunity and fashioned better
lion-killing weapons? No. What a useless
bunch of elders? Luckily, the youths are on
your side and will rise to fight another day.

MNK, the Daniel, Goliath, and Savior of
Nigerians and Igbos from the tyranny, oppression
and merciless killings by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen.
Your name has been etched in gold in the annals
of courage and freedom fighting.

You will forever inspire future freedom fighters
in the mold of Gandhi, Mandela, and MLK.
What a coincidence, Martin Luther King, MLK,
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, MNK. Birds of the same
feathers indeed flock together.

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