Arabs brought Islam and Arabic Language to Africa,
And left with Concubines, Gold, Ivory, and Slaves.
African Migrants are turned into Slaves in Arabic Libya.
African Migrants, Men, Women, Children, and Infants,
Are marched into the torrid Sahara desert in Algeria,
An Arabic Country, that claims to be African,
And left to die of hunger, disease, and despair.
Africans, Arabs are not your friends.

Arabs consider Black Africans, Abeed – Slaves.
Abeeds are abused in Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.
Abeeds are publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia,
After convictions by Kangaroo Saudi Courts.
Ever heard of a Caucasian being beheaded,
In Saudi Arabia or any of the beheading Arab Nations?
Have they beheaded an American of any color?
Africans, Arabs are not your friends.

American dogs that died in Korea, 65 years ago,
Are still being repatriated to America for burial.
African Nations, whose Nationals are being,
Abused, raped, enslaved, and killed by Arabs,
Are still maintaining diplomatic relations,
With murderers of their citizens.
Any Nation that does not cherish its citizens,
Will not be respected by other Nations.

African Nations, stop voting in line,
With the tormentors and murderers of,
Your Citizens at the United Nations,
And other International Organizations.
Any Nation that treats your Citizens,
As an Abeed, treats your entire Nation,
As an Abeed or worthless entity.
Africans, Arabs are not your friends.

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