Suddenly, large ships appear on your shores without warning.
Smaller boats are dispatched with armed weird-looking men.
We are here to sign a treaty on behalf of our majesty.
Which majesty? We will take you to our majesty, King Amurabi.
Will you sign or affix your thumbprint to this treaty?
If you do not leave immediately, you’ll regret your birth.
Return to whence you came from, before I change my mind.

The weird men angrily return to their mother ship.
We shall teach them a lesson, not to be forgotten.
Several hundred rounds of cannon fired on the sleeping town,
Killing, maiming, and frightening residents and their King.
Weird men return and the frightened King affixes his thumbprint,
To a document that he cannot read or understand.
Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation for political aims.

Colonists, the original purveyors of terrorism.
Months later, more weird men return with weirder women.
They proceed to rename every river, lake, mountain, and waterfalls,
To honor their King and some of the terrorists working for the King.
All types of taxes are levied on inhabitants of the new colony.
Many are carted off as slaves to the land of the colonists.
Dissenting inhabitants are jailed or publicly executed.

Colonists rule by fear and amplifying divisions amongst inhabitants.
Colonists’ language, customs, culture, technology, and education,
Are imposed on inhabitants, while local language, customs, culture,
Technology, and education are relegated and discouraged.
What do you label someone, who forces you to change
Your way of life or die if you refuse to comply? – Terrorist.
Modern day Terrorists are no different from Colonial Terrorists.

Colonial Terrorists used cannons, guns, poison, and disease.
Modern Terrorists use trade, IEDs, automobiles, and guns.
Terrorists came in all skin hues, races, and climate.
There are religious terrorists, political terrorists, sex terrorists,
Economic terrorists, hatist terrorists, and racist terrorists.
Terrorism can be state, group, or individual sponsored.
Common link – minimize the humanity of the victim.

IED – Improvised Explosive Device.

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