Flogging 100 passengers,
To line up for
10 seats in a bus,
Instead of providing,
A 100-seater bus,
That will accommodate
All 100 passengers,
Military-style Buhari discipline

Canceling a light rail
Project in Lagos,
Forfeiting the $75 million
Deposit to a French company,
Turns around to flog motorists
On congested Lagos roads,
To move faster in congested traffic,
Military-style Buhari discipline,

Stopping importation of
All essential industrial inputs,
Sparking a recession.
Then “whipping” the Naira
For being pummeled,
By foreign currencies
Naira depreciates further,
Military-style Buhari discipline.

Any National malady
Solvable by flogging,
Or by enacting military decrees
Effective retroactively,
To punish enemies and opponents
Especially non-Islamic opponents,
Or moderate Islamists
Military-style Buhari discipline.

Fulanis, experts at flogging cows
Inserted in all leadership
Positions in Nigeria, so
Nigerians can be flogged,
Into obeying Buhari’s laws
Those, not compliant
Will be framed and arrested,
Civilian-style Buhari discipline.

Flout all provisions of
The extant Nigerian Constitution,
Which is chock-full of “indiscipline”
Rule ultra vires and dictatorially,
Use the Goons of State
To harass, oppress, and jail
Dissenters and Civil Libertarians,
Civilian-style Buhari discipline

Divert all monetary flows
To himself and cronies,
Initiating another recession
And blaming his predecessors
For his incompetence,
Excludes himself and cronies
From financial accountability,
Civilian-style Buhari discipline.

Claims that Islamic Religion
Is the only disciplinary tool
To sanitize Nigerians,
Proceeds to Islamize Nigeria
Using Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen,
Boko Haramists, who behead
And Terrorists from Libya,
Civilian-style Buhari discipline.

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