For it is written in the Book of Exodus 41: 20-22

“Thou shall sail in large wooden boats to the dark continent. Thereupon, you shall capture, shackle, and imprison the savages in the holds of your ship.”

“On arriving in God’s Own Country, thou shall set them loose to till the earth, whipping them, till they have exhausted their strength. Thereafter, thou shall rape them to make more savages to till the land.”

“Any disobedient savage shall be hung by the neck in a public square to serve as a warning to other savages.”

In James 5: 5-6

“A great dictator shall arise amongst you and build a wall to protect God’s Own Country from refugees, asylum seekers, Bad Ombres, and MS-13. I command you to arm every citizen with an assault rifle. Any trespasser entering God’s own country without invitation, shall be imprisoned. If such trespasser has children, the children shall be separated from their parents and imprisoned at undisclosed locations. If they try to commit any crime, they should be shot by the police or any citizen.”

“After deporting the parents, the children shall be shared as slaves for labor and sex to the citizens of God’s Own Country.”

Romans 17: 6

“Any law made by the state must be obeyed by all citizens, even if such laws run counter to the Constitution and Founding Principles of the state. If you do not agree with the law, you can relocate to Utopia or vote the enactors out at the next election.”

The Book of Hatism 7: 5-8

“The races must be separated to avoid contamination of White by Colored races. If, I The Lord, wanted commingling of the races, I would have painted all the races one color, but I did not.”

“Remember that Black lives do not matter. Police can kill Blacks and suffer no consequences because, I regret creating Black people.”

“If the Police can help me eliminate them, each policeman will be rewarded in Heaven with 9 virgins, and each policewoman with 10 “pirgins”.

Leviticus 28: 5

“Levies or taxes shall be applied so that the rich get richer and the poor poorer. No poor person shall enter Heaven as the admission price is high.”

Deuteronomy 35: 3

“The death sentence shall be applied differentially to help me eliminate Black people. I, The Lord, wish that I never created them.”

Pirgin: Male without sexual experience.
Virgin: Female without sexual experience.

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