Would you drink wine touted by a wine-drinking server as the best wine ever, but the server would have none of the wine?
Why would you then practice a religion when the promoter of the religion espouses love and friendship, but practices evil, misanthropism, and outright murder?
The White man disseminated religion all over the world, but inflicted unimaginable genocide, rape, slavery, and torture on Christian converts.
Were they preaching the New Testament and practicing the Old Testament, or was religion used as a tool of subjugation, oppression, and colonization?
The Arabic Islamists left a worse trail of similar carnage amongst converts and still practice the worst type of slavery.
Religious deceit, the worst form of human deceit.

Were the brain-damaged converts so “brain-scrubbed” that, they overlooked the inconsistencies and would kill for their adopted religions?
Religion wrongly dubbed, as the opium of the people is actually the opium, crack cocaine, and crystal meth of the people rolled into one ludicrous package.
Religious deceit and hypocrisy may be the worst crimes against humanity.
Religion is so inconsistent that dictators, hatists, racists, sadists, and evil people all find justification for their actions in their “Holy Books.”
Slavery, separations of children from their parents, Black lives are worthless, all justified by passages in the Holy Books of perpetrators.
Organized Religion may be the most deceitful business enterprise in the history of mankind!

3 thoughts on “RELIGIOUS DECEIT

  1. Are you surprised that such is the scheme of things in this inevitability- of -death- life? Mankind seeks immortality, instead they get unavoidable death as the ultimate event. What do you then expect, if not religion, which promises life after death at best? This fact of the inevitability of our demise makes the religious deceit all promising, for majority of the faithful….plain fear of death guarantees it all. Bet well, friend, there is no end to religious deceit till the end of time.

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