It is official, America has withdrawn from the World.
Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley,
Just announced the withdrawal of America from the UN.
Citing anti-Israel resolutions, approved by the UN General Assembly,
The UN was given two weeks to move out of New York and go to Hell.
Present UN site to be turned into Trump Hotel and Condominiums.

Trump’s America had earlier withdrawn from UNESCO, UN Human Rights Council,
UNICEF, TPP, Paris Climate Agreement, NAFTA, Iran Nuclear Deal, South Korea,
Afghanistan, Syria, Middle East Peace Talks, G-7, OAS, Japan, and Earth.
Newly created US Space Force scouting for a Planet to relocate America.
Trump having turned down Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus,
Is fixated on Neptune as the new America, far removed from Earthlings.

Welcome to Trumpism and the “Make America Great Again” Movement.
The Republican controlled Congress is overjoyed at the development,
And Bills to exclude Liberals, Atheists, LGBTQ, Abortionists, Blacks, and Colored,
Were overwhelmingly approved and signed into law by Trump.
Those excluded Americans are begging Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron,
To join the UN, UNESCO, UN Human Rights Council, UNICEF, G-6, and the Paris Climate Deal.

Scientists worried about immense heat generated by US Spacecrafts,
And billions of tons of greenhouse gases emitted,
By their humongous rocket engines, before disappearing into space,
Transporting 150 million American Conservatives to Neptune,
To make America Great Again, and leave the rest of the Earth, Waste Again.
Or will the rest of Earthlings become more cooperative and productive?

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