Trump turns G-7 into G6+1.
Trump thrashes Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Sounds like an LGBTQ Organization?
America is a Christian Nation.
Frustrates North American Free Trade Agreement.
America is taking Canada and Mexico,
For a North American free trade ride.
Junked the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
When Iran deals, “I-ran” for my life.
Cancelled The Paris Agreement on Climate.
America is in a different Climate.
With America behaving badly under Trump,
Who is leading the World, not Russia, nor China?
When America misleads, the world misbehaves.

Manuel Ortega of Nicaragua killing protestors.
Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela killing protestors.
Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria killing Christians.
Paul Biya of Cameroons, killing Southern Cameroonians.
Vladimir Putin pummeling Syrian civilians, with bombs.
Saudis massacring, Yemeni civilians.
Israel killing, Palestinians demonstrators.
Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines personally and,
Encouraging Others to publicly execute,
Unconvicted drug pushers and users – 20,000.
Duterte calling a UN envoy, “malnourished”,
And ICC prosecutor, “that Black woman.”
Cannot wait to see Duterte in jail,
Being feasted upon, by malnourished Blacks.

Trump has dumped UNESCO.
Underfunded the United Nation.
Imposed unilateral tariffs on the World.
Trump be warned, no single nation,
Is indispensable and all powerful.
Cooperation trumps obstruction.
Damage inflicted by Trump’s Isolationism,
On America and America’s interests,
Will take a hundred years to rectify.
Trump is advancing a Republican Agenda,
And Republicans share the blame.
And “America First” has become “America Alone.”
Show me a me an “alone nation” and I will,
Show you an isolated poor nation – North Korea.


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