Israel, domination does not ensure survival,
Instead, it builds ill will and resentment.
Stop killing Palestinians, Hamas or not,
At the flimsiest excuse, or slightest provocation.
Survivors of a Holocaust,
Cannot become purveyors of a “Holocaust.”
Holocaust in any form, is inexcusable.

Find accommodation with your Palestinian neighbors.
Time to discard the Old Testament,
In favor of the New Testament.
You were enslaved by the Egyptians.
You were enslaved by the Turks for over 400 years.
You were enslaved by the British.
Do not enslave Palestinians.

Palestinians, be patient.
Seventy years of occupation pales,
Compared to thousand years of Jewish slavery.
If your cause is just and reasonable,
Justice cannot be denied indefinitely.
Eventually, accommodating Israeli leaders such as Yitzhak Rabin,
Will emerge and accelerate the peace process.

Anglo-Dutch Apartheid, eventually dismantled.
The Soviet Union, un-unionized.
Your enslavement of the Palestinians will have an end.
A fiery end may be unfavorable for,
Both Israeli and Palestinian interests.
For the sake of Your Religions and Humanity,
Please settle this man-made Israeli-Palestinian conflict peacefully.


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