Kanye West is right this time.
Kanye and right in same sentence?
Kanye and political correctness?
Must feel strange to Kanye observers,
Yes, Blacks allowed slavery by choice.
In the early days of slavery,
Blacks outnumbered Whites in America.
Yet the few, enslaved the many.
Reason – Black mistrust and disunity,
That continues till the present day.
Blackxploitation of Blacks continues.
Whites buy into the exploitation and division,
To continue the modern day enslavement.
Kanye is right, Blacks allowed slavery.

The House Slave, fought the Field Slave.
The Light Slave, fought the Dark Slave.
Same divide and rule still used by Whites,
To dilute Black Power and Ingenuity.
When Blacks are fighting Blacks,
Who will fight and annihilate,
The outnumbered Slave Masters.
Ward Connerly and Clarence Thomas,
Are fighting Affirmative Action but not,
Fighting for a mule and forty acres,
As reparation for uncompensated labor.
Only uncivilized societies stiff laborers,
Of their rightly earned wages.
You now see that Kanye is right.

But Blacks not killing their White Masters,
Not equivalent as Blacks allowing slavery.
Same logic applicable to claims by rapists,
That females wearing miniskirts,
Are inviting rapists into their inner sanctum.
Perpetual enslavement of Blacks,
As practiced by Whites is abhorrent to God,
Is inhuman and borders on animalistic.
Yea, Kanye, Blacks should have fought slavery,
And died fighting slavery, as the Slaves,
Who drowned off Dunbar’s Creek,
In Saint Simons Island, Georgia, USA.
Self-inflicted death, definitely preferable,
To lynching and death by hard labor.

America and Europe will be backward,
Or not as developed as they are,
If Blacks were not enslaved in America,
Australia, Africa, Asia, and everywhere.
Have Blacks learnt any lesson?
No, Blackxploitation has become insidious.
All Whites need to do to continue slavery,
Is to tap into Blackxploitation.
Blacks stop praying for miracles.
Pray that your continued enslavement,
Does not extend into the afterlife.
White Astronauts and Cosmonauts,
May have made a pact with God,
To Continue enslaving Blacks in Heaven.

Blackxploitation: Blacks stealing from blacks through tithing, using other blacks to gain prominence or make money, siding with Black oppressors for personal gain and interest.
Different from Blaxploitation: the financial exploitation of black people, by making useless movies with stereotyped Black roles.


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