A common motto emblazoned on America’s Police Cruisers is, “To Protect And To Serve.” The next logical question is who is being protected and who is being served? Recent events in America have further reinforced the long-held view amongst Black Americans that, the overwhelmingly White American Police Force is meant to protect White People by serving Blacks.

How does the White Police protect the White Community?

Protecting White people by arresting Black people for being on “White” territory. Territory could be shops, schools, clubs, churches, offices, factories, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, universities, etc.
Protecting White people from Black criminals by “trolling” Black drivers, driving in mainly White areas and publicly frisking them.
Protecting White people by treating unnecessary 911 calls placed by White callers as racial emergency calls, meant to separate the races, and presumably prevent black on white violence.
Protecting White people by not hesitating to kill any Black person armed with a wallet, cellphone, or cigar and acting “suspiciously.” The victim does not have to be in a “white” area. The elimination of these “deviants” or “miscreants” removes future imminent dangers to white society.

How does the White Police Serve the Black Community?

Serving eviction and quit notices to Blacks renting predominantly white-owned property, in “white” areas.
Serving citations to Blacks for discretionary infractions, that would attract a friendly warning if transgressor was White.
Serving lies to legal authorities to obtain illegal convictions, obtain illegal search warrants, or cover serious legal malfeasance, committed by White Police Officers against Black persons.
Serving Black people by physically subduing them when there is no imminent danger to the Police Officer such as, tasering a Black cripple to prevent an escape. A cripple who has lost movement of both legs!

Africastallestman hopes that a Public Police will replace the present White Police.


White woman calls cops on black family for barbecuing in park — then sobs that she’s the victim of harassment


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