Islam does not mix with Christianity.
As oil does not mix with water.
Large populations of Islamists,
And large populations of Christians,
Can never coexist peacefully anywhere.
Islam achieves dominance through war,
Christianity through proselytizing.
Nigerians stop deluding yourselves.
The Islamists want to overrun Nigeria,
By wanton mass executions,
And expropriation of Christian territories.

Solution – divide Nigeria into two countries,
An Islamic North and a Christian South.
Northern Christians relocate to the South.
And Southern Islamists to the North.
Christian South and Islamic North,
Will enjoy excellent relations,
As the USA and Saudi Arabia,
Currently enjoys and celebrates.
Unity of Islam and Christianity,
An unachievable pipe dream.
Nigerians stop deluding yourselves!


  1. We are not really deluding ourselves, since all we believe in is 5 days prayers and
    Sunday prayers, plus miracles; probably, God, to whom both North and South appeal to, instead of using reason to solve problems, particularly of the question of “UNITY” may come to our undeserved help. The first of such miracle since 622 AD.

  2. I do not believe in Miracles as such. The Africans believe in miracles, that did not help them, against the planet that attempts to erase them from this planet.

    1. The more, I think about it, the more I believe that the African problem is genetic. Africa may be a lost cause.
      The more educated the African is, the more religious, the African becomes. Western intellectuals question Religion whereas African intellectuals assimilate Religion without questioning the origins of Religion.
      There are very few educated African intellectuals in the true sense of education!

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