SAY NO TO A MIKE PENCE PRESIDENCY.                                                                         (Mike Pence is currently Vice President to President Trump)


Vice President Mike Pence has a direct phone line to Jesus.

Who can advise a President, advised by Jesus – no one.

The Crusades and Jihad will be child’s play compared to Pence’s inter-religious war.

Christian prayers will be inserted into the Constitution.

Abortion attracts the death penalty, fornication life imprisonment.

Failure to pray to Jesus daily becomes a misdemeanor.

Say no to a Mike Pence Presidency.


Mike Pence’s border wall will be 30 feet high with Islamic and Christian detectors.

Gun towers manned by Pentecostal pastors.

It will encompass the whole of the US.

Only Christians visitors and Christian refugees are allowed entry.

Excluded persons are interred at Guantanamo Bay.

America First becomes America Only.

Say no to a Mike Pence Presidency.


To Mike Pence, Medicaid expansion is terrorism,

Because God does not like Obama policies.

To Mike Pence, fetal abortion is terrorism,

And adult abortion (death penalty) is virtuous.

To Mike Pence, using the nuclear bomb on non-Christian nations,

Is similar to the destruction wrought on Sodom and Gomorrah for fornication.

Say no to a Mike Pence Presidency.


Mike Pence is a Christian Crusader,

Who believes that Medicaid expansion is evil,

And health subsidies are tithes to Baal,

Because Jesus wants poor people in Heaven before rich people.

Isn’t it Antichrist to deprive Jesus of helpers and servants?

By prolonging the lives of poor people through Medicaid expansion?

Say no to a Mike Pence Presidency.


Trump may be a political neophyte,

But as a business veteran, he understands business deals.

By installing a poison pill, Mike Pence as VP,

Trump will serve most of his term, despite his inadequacies.

Bob Mueller, the Special Counsel will drag his Russian Investigation,

To spare the nation the ordeal of a Mike Pence Presidency.

Say no to a Mike Pence Presidency.


If you loathe Donald Trump, wait for Mike Pence.

Donald Trump is Heaven compared to Mike Pence’s Dante’s Inferno.

By choosing Mike Pence as President,

Politics will descend from the aberrant into the abyss.

Donald Trump has crafted a poison pill,

That no American including the religious wrong,

Would want to touch, let alone swallow.

Say no to a Mike Pence Presidency.

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