Imo State, the acclaimed State of Autonomy.
Governor is autonomous, Legislature is useless.
Rubber stamp Legislature that kowtows to Governor.
Recalcitrant Legislators forced to kneel by Governor.
Autonomous Kingdoms created every hour by Governor.
Why stop at 657 autonomous Kings?

Soon every Imo Citizen will be an autonomous King.
Igbos in Imo State went from “Igbo enwe Eze,”*
To “Onye Imo obuna bu Autonomous Eze.”**
Autonomous Kings means autonomous jurisdictions.
Wrong for Governor to tax subjects of autonomous communities,
To pay autonomous Kings, mandated salaries and emoluments.

Autonomous Kings have autonomy in taxation of subjects.
No need for a middleman with attendant fraud.
Are these Kings or pretenders to the throne?
Taxation order on Kings follows order to speak only Igbo in public.
Next is order to kneel down in public for recalcitrant Kings.
Where are the Igbos headed to?

Governors desecrating Igbo Customs are un-Igbo.
Any Igbo King dancing to the tune of an un-Igbo Governor,
Is unfit to be an Igbo, what more a King.
Imonians©️ that refused a non-Imo Igbo as Bishop,
Dancing to the tunes of an un-Igbo Governor,
Is a sacrilegious abomination crying to the high heavens.

Igbos willing, able, and ready to self-destruct.
Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen on standby and watching.
Easy to annihilate a divided tribe,
And turn Igboland into a Fulani cattle colony.
Are these the same Igbos that defied the British?
Why stop at 657 autonomous Kings?

*Igbo enwe Eze – Igbos do not have Kings.
**Onye Imo obuna bu Autonomous Eze – Every Imo Igbo is a King.

3 thoughts on “WHY STOP AT 657 AUTONOMOUS KINGS?

  1. Waoh I never knew the number was this high. Autonomous kingdoms are meant to facilitate faster development and not retardation.

    1. Pulling of resources foster development while dispersion of resources as in useless autonomous kingdoms, dissipates resources, and retards development.

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