President Muhammadu Buhari taking Nigerians for a ride.
As a Presidential candidate, Buhari promised to vanquish Boko Haram.
Why doubt a Military General and soon to be Commander-in-Chief?
Now as President, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari is singing a different tune.
Deeply engaged in talks to unleash terrorist Boko Haram on Nigerians,
To ensure victory in 2019 Presidential Election.
How low can this man go?
Purveyors of violence will only reap electoral defeat.
The hyenas are about to exit their enclosure in the North East.

During his 2015 Presidential electioneering campaign,
He scolded President Jonathan for implementing a Niger Delta Amnesty.
An amnesty negotiated by a kind Northerner, President Yar’Adua,
While upbraiding same Jonathan for fighting Boko Haram.
Refused to act as facilitator to broker peace with Boko Haram,
And never condemned their evil acts as a candidate.
Condemned the “kidnapping” of Chibok school girls during Jonathan’s tenure,
While condoning and maybe orchestrating the kidnapping of Dapchi school girls.
And consequently claim credit for a “miraculous” pre-election rescue.

Niger Delta militants are protecting their environment.
Environment polluted by oil exploration activities.
That cripples farming, poisons living creatures, and pollutes water.
Most oil blocks owned by Northerner Oligarchs,
Who are hundreds of miles removed from the Niger Delta.
But collect billions of dollars on unearned oil income,
While squandering the oil wealth on wives, concubines, and luxury items.
Niger Delta militants never beheaded any living thing,
But Buhari wants to “behead” Niger Delta Militants.

Boko Haram fighting to un-educate Northerners,
Who are already light years behind in education.
Northern poverty caused by greedy Northern Politicians,
Politicians who have ruled Nigeria for 43 out of 57 years.
Yet, Northern Nigeria is the most impoverished part of Nigeria.
Shouldn’t Boko Haram go after their political tormentors?
But Boko Haram beheads ordinary human beings like chicken.
And Buhari wants to appease them with a general amnesty.
Followed by conversion to Fulani Herdsmen to continue the carnage.

Buhari presided, as Fulani Killer Herdsmen exchanged their long sticks,
That kept their animals off farmers’ properties,
For AK-47s that kept farmers away from defending their properties.
As Fulani cows ravaged their crops and destroyed their livelihoods,
Resistors paid the ultimate price – death by long knives and AK-47s,
In addition to rape, maiming, and burning of properties.
Fulani cows now more valuable than non-Fulani Nigerian humans.
Buhari pays Presidential condolence visits to dead Fulani cows,
While subordinates issue useless press releases on dead non-Fulani humans.

As a President, tries and releases Boko Haram members in secret.
Armed with a blanket amnesty and flush with millions of ransom dollars,
These unreconstructed Terrorists are ready for battle.
The much ballyhooed technical defeat of Boko Haram by Buhari,
May turn out to be the celebrated defeat of Nigeria by Boko Haram.
The restructuring has begun, convert to Islam or die.
Docile as Nigerians are, survival instincts reveal heroism.
Biafra is still fresh in our minds and on our lips.
No nation survives two civil wars intact as one nation.

No nation can survive the combined onslaught,
Of three terrorist groups – Boko Haram, Al Qaeda Haram, and Fulani Killers.
The unraveling of Nigeria is about to begin.
Restructuring by gunfire, not a confab or negotiation.
Defend your lives and properties or be killed for your properties.
Where is the conscience of the nation – the elders?
Is there a price to buy the silence of every Nigerian?
With a divided opposition infiltrated by compromised Buharists,
The hyenas may prevail unless the opposition unites.







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