In the good old days, problems were solved by humans pulling up their sleeves, or better still taking off their shirts or blouses, and getting down to work. Nowadays, problems are Facebooked, Twittered or Instagrammed, and recipients of the message are supposed to pray or say Amen. Without proffering solutions, the problems continue to fester. Has anyone heard of someone acquiring a baccalaureate degree through prayers? The saying that, “God helps only those who helps themselves” seems to have been lost. The magnitude of prayers and requests that gets to God everyday must be overwhelming even for the Almighty

God is not given enough time to prioritize the deluge of prayers nor do we wait for a response before we fire another round of prayers. There are professional prayer warriors, fee-based prayer lines, and religious types who would expedite your prayers for a consideration in cash or kind. If God created us in God’s likeness or image, it is not presumptuous to think that God needs to rest. The Bible even says that he rested during the creation of the Universe on the seventh day.

With prayers flooding God’s brain from all the different time zones in the world in different languages, day and night, it is obvious that some of these prayers arrive at inopportune times and are unheeded.

Since God also knows what is best for every one of us, God’s non-response to our prayer requests may mean that our requests may not be in our own best interests. Therefore, instead of asking for the same favor from God multiple times, it will be good advice to change the request. A barren woman of eighty who is still praying for a pregnancy because Sarah got pregnant at age hundred would be better off praying for a successful adoption or surrogate parentage.


  1. A truth-telling slap indeed in the face of the gullible, who abhor to heed the biblical injunction that: Faith without work does not work. When the Pontiff John Paul 11, was asked where he thinks the future of the church is? He stated without mincing words, that it is the third world. The third world people pray more; and where is poverty, decadence, decay and brazen abandonment of reason, if not there, today. Thanks.

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