We the people demand to know.
Why you allowed Europeans to carve up Africa in 1884-1885?
At a partitioning conference in Berlin, Germany,
That excluded Africans and African interests,
While Africans slept peacefully.

We the people demand to know.
Why you looked the other way?
Whilst Arabs and Europeans,
Enslaved, raped, humiliated, and killed Africans.
Who did not commit any crime against Arabs and Europeans.

We the people demand to know.
Why you gave humans DNA imbued with hatism and racism?
Exactly the same DNA you gave to wild animals.
That devour other animals including similar animals.
Are humans animals?

We the people demand to know.
The answer to the last question.
If the answer is yes, there are no further questions.
Because animals will always be animals.
We the people can now go about our animal business.

2 thoughts on “WE THE PEOPLE.

  1. Cain killed Abel for his birthright. Homo Ho mini Lupus. Man is wolf to man. It is the nature of man. The so-called civilization has not changed that. That nature seems to be the inevitable root of most wars. Europeans killed and murdered each other, until they heard of mineral and animal resources wasting in Africa, then they determined to reap where they did not sow, including the atrocities visited on Congolese by Leopold 11 of Belgium.The ungodly code was “Once you lay claim to any part of the dark continent, …that portion becomes your land” Moreover, when Mansa Musa flamboyantly demonstrated that his empire has unlimited source of gold, and other minerals to share with those whose they were not, by any chance. You put it right…while Africans were deep asleep.

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