1. Written in human nature, man is a wolf to his kind. Neither Religion nor Politics could heal this nature in time and space, believe it or not. The greatest thinkers of all of human recorded history of ideas and intellectual quest for the panacea for proper education of human mind have so far failed, with the continuing manifestation of the so called civilization and barbarity, hand in hand. Our Cheik A. Diop wrote a book, and entitled it: “Civilization or Barbarity”. However, in terms of Africans selling their kit and ken, actually other peoples Europeans, Chinese, Jews and many non-Africans sold their family members too. Africans sale of their kind was merely exacerbated, by Africa’s detractors in history. What can I say?.

  2. Indubitably so. Africans have never believed themselves to masters of other peoples and capable of buying and selling them for their purposes, and things like that. As Aristotle averred: Some are born to rule, others for servitude/ to be ruled. You once said, that Africans like slavery. They (Whites and others) might have sold their wards (rejected kit and Ken) to Africans were it possible then, however, Africa during those transactions was purely incommunicado, before contact with the rest of the living world. The Arochukwus would not sale their village marauding and kidnapping victims to Blacks, because,they (Africans), are always victims and not perpetrators of such level of human destructiveness. They are meek and gentle in this world. Thank you.

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