It has come to the attention of Northern Elders Forum that two vuvuzela Fulani Professors, Alhaji Professor Ango Abdullahi and Alhaji Professor Umar Muhammad Labdo have been making statements purporting to represent the Northern Elders Forum. These two represent the Northern Fulani Elders Forum and not the Northern Elders Forum.

Their pronouncements on Restructuring and Fulani Supremacy may make the Fulanis in Nigeria as hated as they are all over Africa. They must not take the patience and magnanimity of the owners of Nigeria for granted. No one has a monopoly on violence. Your vituperations are spoiling the chances of decent Fulanis from ever again becoming President of Nigeria.

Northern Nigeria has over 200 tribes in addition to the recent Fulani immigrants. Given that every Nigeria is guaranteed free speech, your right to continue to distort history and insult Nigerian’s sensibilities shall not be muzzled.

Henceforward you must preface your press releases with this caption: “Northern Fulani Elders Forum.” The North is not Fulani and Fulani is not the North.


Mr. Ndume Otaguna
Chairman, The Reformed Northern Elders Forum
Dated this 4th Day of February 2018.
Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

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