The criminal political chameleon Obasanjo waited for 200,000 people to be killed and every opinion against Buhari before he turned against Buhari, hoping to influence the next Presidential Election in 2019.

Is he going to tear his APC card in a public macabre display as he did his PDP card?
Was he on exile as Buhari jettisoned the Nigerian Constitution, Fulanizing and Islamizing Nigeria?

Nigeria needs statesmen and not opportunists such as Obasanjo who will always maneuver his way into relevance. Who is he going to endorse in 2019 – Sule Lamido?
His actions prove that he has no moral convictions but financial convictions.
Nigeria is a shithole country and will continue to be a shithole country until there is total rejection of the old political opportunists.

The so-called “Third Force” (TF) is another bunch of political opportunists who are trying to exploit the dissatisfaction of Nigerians with the Buhari’s APC and Jonathan’s PDP.
Gullible Nigerians are urged to stay clear of the “Third Force” as presently constituted and Obasanjo.

A real Third Force will be a new group of politicians untainted by the PDP or APC.
The worst politicians are people who change religious denominations and political affiliations in midlife. Nigerians should never elect pastors to political office. They belong to the pulpit.
A painted rusted car is still a rusted car. Sooner than later the paint will peel off revealing the rust.

Just like a chameleon, Obasanjo changes political affiliation depending on political colour and temperature. His disdain for restructuring ensures his irrelevance in the present debate to replace the dictator, Buhari who is at the helms of a rudderless country, drafting aimlessly in stormy seas. The conditions are optimal for an accident, if not a capsize of the ship.

Africastallestman urges Nigerians to entirely reject the old political order whether it is painted APC, PDP, TF, UAC ( United Alliance for Corruption) or soon to be formed CN (Coalition for Nigeria).


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