You have heard about road rage but what about Internet rage.
Step aside road rage, welcome Internet rage.
Internet rage and road rage are outlets for failed interpersonal relationships and mental instability.
Spouses with irreconcilable differences vent their frustrations on other net users.
Manic depressives, frustrated employees, megalomaniacs, and other psychotics; prowl the net – looking for fights.
Internet rage, the new rage.

These inciters copy, paste, and forward any thrash in their inbox/wall- to stir a reaction.
They refuse that the world is flat, and that the sun and moon are different bodies.
Unleash their pent up anger and frustrations on anyone seeking to correct them.
Intellectuals are especially vulnerable to attacks, by these Internet ragers.
Ignore Internet rage and fiction becomes fact and crap turns into content.
Internet rage, the new rage.

Domestic pussycats become Internet tigers and terrorize other users.
Transference turns domestic squabbles into Internet rage – where victims are faceless.
Vent your demons, enhance your bruised egos by attacking the sources – not other users.
Should other users ignore Internet rage? – no way, impunity must be checked.
Pushbacks are necessary or else thrash turns into truth.
Internet rage, the new rage.

Egos and demons satisfied, they look for the next victims.
The bigger, the victim, the more vicious are the attacks – more bangs for their buck.
Do you ignore Internet rage, or face it head on?
Digital records are everlasting and uncorrectable – correctable only by follow-ups.
Search engines can reveal any slur by the push of a button.
Internet rage, the new rage.

Road rage is fleeting whilst Internet abuse becomes part of a permanent record.
Protect your reputation, correct, and challenge Internet ragers.
It is your reputation not that of other users that is being maligned.
Failure of Hillary Clinton to fight those who labeled her corrupt – cost her the Presidency.
Don’t let Internet ragers do a Hillary Clinton on you – posterity will be harsh on you.
Internet rage, the new rage.

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