British Colonialism is a form of dictatorship. The Chief Dictator in Buckingham Palace gives orders to the Deputy Dictator in Whitehall. The Deputy Dictator passes the order to the Assistant Dictator in Salisbury, who in turn transmits the orders to the local Dictators in the provinces of Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

Assistant Dictator Ian Smith, to prevent black rule, declared independence from Whitehall. Mugabe and his liberation fighters would have none of it. They wanted foreign dictatorship, no more. They resolved to replace foreign dictatorship with domestic dictatorship. A guerrilla war ensued and Ian Smith lost.

Africans, Zimbabweans included, love homegrown, “son of the soil,” male dictators but not female dictators. Robert Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and Constantine Chiwenga, all male, fought Ian Smith, the foreign Assistant Dictator under colonial rule. Defeated, Ian Smith abdicated as Assistant Dictator in Salisbury, now Harare, to be replaced by domestic male dictator, Robert Mugabe in 1980. Despite the economic difficulties and human rights abuses under Mugabe, most Zimbabweans supported ZANU-PF (Zimbabwean African National Union – Patriotic Front). After 37 years of dictatorship, and aged 93, Robert Mugabe was hoping to have an extravagant 100th birthday in 2024 whilst President of Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans are still talking about his wedding of the century to Grace Mugabe (nee Ntombizodwa) in 1996. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-42053753

Zimbabweans love domestic male dictatorship. Another domestic male dictator, Emmerson Mnangagwa was being groomed to replace Mugabe. Mr. Mnangagwa learnt so much from Mugabe that he has been known to complete Mugabe-initiated sentences. Emmerson Mnangagwa as Minister of State Security was also responsible for the Matabeleland massacres in the 1980’s when the North Korean trained 5th Brigade committed genocide. Zimbabweans waited patiently for Mugabe to die in office and be replaced by male Dictator Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Unfortunately for Robert Mugabe, his wife’s inordinate ambition for power has cost him his dictatorship. Despite Grace’s ostentatious lifestyle in a country beset with economic difficulties, a section of Zimbabweans loved her. The young G40 faction of ZANU-PF adored her while the War Veteran faction despised her. Grace Mugabe using her “bedmantic” control over Robert Mugabe convinced the senile dictator to anoint her as his successor. Zimbabweans especially the war veterans were not amused. The Zimbabwean Army is really a liberation army turned into regular Army. Army commander, General Constantine Chiwenga joined the pre-independence guerrilla army as a teenager. As long as one of their own is at the helm of the nation, the soldiers are happy. General Constantine Chiwenga once joked that there were no women guerrilla fighters in the bushes.

Despite Grace’s shenanigans, the people and Army were confident that Dictator-in waiting Emmerson Mnangagwa would replace Dictator Robert Mugabe. Things got out of control when Robert Mugabe fired Emmerson Mnangagwa as Deputy Zimbabwean Dictator clearing the succession path for Dictator-in waiting Grace Mugabe. The Veteran Group was incensed. Not only is the new Dictator, a woman but also she never participated in the guerrilla war. The war veterans believe that it is ordained that they should rule Zimbabwe until they are all incapacitated.

According to this reasoning, George Washington and his gang would still be ruling America. Note the Army and Veteran Group of ZANU-PF were not perturbed when Vice President Joice Mujuru was fired as Deputy Dictator in 2014, after ten years in office. Reason: She is a woman and was not expected to succeed Dictator Robert Mugabe. Grace knowing how she ascended from personal secretary to First Lady must have been relieved to see Joice Mujuru leave. Who wants competition?

Grace Mugabe got so comfortable that she forgot that she is a woman, not a war veteran, and that Zimbabwean dictators must come from the Veteran Group and not from the G40 (Generation 40). If she had named her group G70 (Generation 70), the people may have been hoodwinked into believing that they are a faction of the Veteran Group such as Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Crocodile or Lacoste Group.

The military disgusted with the political state of affairs struck, quarantined Robert Mugabe in his house and forced him to resign. Grace Mugabe is on the run and her whereabouts are unknown. Emmerson Mnangagwa has been installed as Leader of Zanu-PF head as a prelude to ascending the dictatorship of Zimbabwe. He is 75 years and by Zimbabwean standards, he is looking forward to a long period of dictatorship. He may be the one celebrating his 100th birthday in a wheelchair as Zimbabwe’s Dictator in 2042.

Africastallestman predicts that General Constantine Chiwenga will succeed Dictator Emmerson Mnangagwa. African women must rise and demand female dictators.

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