Genghis Khan, an avid homosexual — and great warrior, built largest empire ever.
Annihilated any tribe, race, or country that refused to hand over their finest young men to him.
Ögedei Khan, Genghis’ son, died during a drinking binge with Abd-ur-Rahman, his homosexual lover.
Homosexuality is genetic.

Hitler was a homosexual, Eva Braun, a lesbian.
Both incensed by biblical homophobia.
Not finding David, Moses, and Jesus to murder,
Unleashed their venom on Jews — their descendants.
Holocaust caused by homophobia.

King Henry the VIII, a homosexual — could not consummate his marriages.
His wives requested divorces — denied by the Pope.
Incensed, he quits the Catholic Church — established his own church.
Seized Church property and made himself Pope.
Christian schism caused by a homosexual.

Portuguese homosexuals, Antão Gonçalves and Nuno Tristão despised by fellow Portuguese.
Sail to Mauritania, Africa to find lovers — capture 12 young African males.
Captives refuse to engage in homosexual acts — are sold off as slaves.
Homosexuality ignited chattel slavery.

Vladimir Lenin, a homosexual who married for appearances.
Never had children and hated society — which in turn hated him.
And incensed by hate for heterosexuals — invents communism.
Homophobia gives rise to Communism.

A homosexual with fancies on Archduke Ferdinand — but could not have him,
Assassinates Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo.
World War II ensues with calamitous results for humankind.
Homosexual fancy ignites a war.

Kim Jong-un, a closet homosexual upset at Trump — a pussy-grabbing heterosexual
Threatens to unleash fire and fury at the US for condoning Heterosexuality.
Trump retaliates by threatening total annihilation of North and South Korea.
Nuclear War I may be ignited by homophobia.

Wish that the World’s problems were caused by Homosexuals.
Unfortunately most destruction in the world has been planned and executed by Heterosexuals.
Homosexuality is just another variant of normality — one percent of all humans are Schizophrenic.
Homophobia is just another phobia — and is treatable.

Schizophrenics have wrought more destruction on the World than Homosexuals!


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