Smiling, rotund, and potbellied imposters disguised as Igbo leaders,
Surrounding the executioner of their tribe.
Yet, another round of promises, but no budget,
After dining and feasting.
Promises to include the South East in Nigeria.
Did the other zones meet Buhari,
To attract infrastructural development?
Smiles of compromised “leaders.”

Why are they smiling?
Is it to commemorate the thousands killed by Fulani herdsmen,
Or the compulsorily retired Igbo Army officers,
The Northernization of the NNPC,
Or the pythons still strangulating and killing your kith and kin?
Add the thousands of Igbos in Buhari’s Gulag,
And indeed, there are several reasons for them to be happy.
What personal promises were extracted from the dictator?

No communique demanding,
An apology for a military invasion of the South East.
Releasing all Igbo political prisoners,
Unproscribing IPOB.
Reinstating compulsorily retired Igbo Army officers.
Ensuring ethnic balance in appointments.
Declaring Fulani herdsmen, terrorists.
And Igbo leadership of branches of the armed forces.

No mention of a second Niger Bridge.
If the python fails to swallow you,
You will surely be swallowed,
By the River Niger when the bridge falls into the river.
Or when your aircraft overshoots the short Enugu Airport runway.
Does the South East deserve a seaport?
What of dismantling the checkpoints of extortion,
Mounted by the Army, Police, Customs, Road Safety, Civil Defense, and Peace Corps in the South East.

However, all is not lost.
The one and only authentic Igbo leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,
Who enjoys Igbo and not Abuja support,
Avoided the charade of festivities,
Meant to obfuscate and hoodwink,
The so-called Igbo leaders into continued servitude.
If these are the only leaders, the Igbos can muster,
Then the Igbos deserve all the iniquities visited on them.



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