Africastallestman has a Nigerian friend from Asaba who takes October 7 off every year. Africastallestman thought that it was his birthday, but he also took a day off in May. Africastallestman was confused. Subsequently, Africastallestman wanted to know why he has two birthdays.

Sam, “Why the two birthdays?”

“Africastallestman, My birthday is in May. October 7, 1967 is the day that Nigerian soldiers murdered my father in cold blood in addition to over 1000 men and children some as young as 12 years. My father’s body has never been recovered.”

“Colonel Murtala Mohammed assisted by Major Ibrahim Taiwo organized this massacre. Both are Muslims. Murtala Mohammed was the chief plotter of the coup that killed 300 Igbo officers on July 29, 1967. Murtala Mohammed has an airport named after him and is on the twenty Naira note. There is no grave, monument, compensation or acknowledgment by the Nigerian Government for the atrocities visited on Asaba indigenes on October 7, 1967.”

“Yet, we are honoring a murderer. A nation that honors murderers and discards victims into the dustbin of history shall never prosper. Maybe, that is why history is not taught in Nigerian schools. Asaba people put that curse on Nigeria.”

Africastallestman wants Nigeria to remove Murtala Mohammed’s portrait from the twenty Naira note and rename the Lagos International Airport to War Victims International Airport to honor the Asaba Massacre Victims and the 3 million killed in Biafra. Let the healing begin.

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