Diaspora Igbos did not initiate the agitation for Biafra. There will not be a large contingent of Igbos in the Diaspora in a restructured Nigeria. Since not every Igbo can relocate to the Diaspora, because of the inhuman conditions in the zoo; oppressed, marginalized, and maltreated Igbos in the zoo have to revolt against their oppressors. The Igbos in the Diaspora are exiles from the zoo. Despite their “successes,” they still yearn to return to the zoo once it is restructured into a real country. Part of their defense mechanism is to form redundant organizations whose sole aims are partying, ostentatious displays, and grandstanding, in lieu of visible accomplishments.

Emotionally, they are divisible into three groups:

1. Those genuinely concerned about problems in Igbo land. They regularly remit money to their relatives in the zoo.

2. Those who think that they have made it and that their brethren in Igbo land can go to blazes. Some members are religionists who count themselves as blessed. They donate money at group events for ego-tripping than for any cause.

3. This group do not visit the zoo, they do read zoo newspapers online or in print, but they would interject themselves into discussions about improving the zoo. They do not intend to return to the zoo but would condemn any action taken by the zoo dwellers to improve their lot. They rarely send money to their relatives trapped in the zoo.

Africastallestman advises the second and third group to guard their utterances. No real change in the political status quo of any nation is without sacrifice. If you cannot join the struggle physically, financially, emotionally, or materially, please respect the sacrifice of the revolutionaries. Stay on the sidelines and do not speak, write, or act in any way to sabotage the cause.

The elite or intellectuals may design revolutions, but the foot soldiers are the oppressed masses. Some may pay the ultimate price. Your duty to them is to celebrate them, assist their families and loved ones, and continue to support the struggle until they meet the stated goals.

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