Buratai warns, Nigeria will not break up under my watch.
Defense Headquarters classifies, IPOB, a terrorist organization,
And Boko Haram, a peacekeeping organization.
Nigerian Navy to seize boats over 200 hp,
And Nigerian Air Force is considering,
Downing private jets carrying more than 20 passengers,
To prevent terrorist movements.

Meanwhile, Muslim Fulani herdsmen roam the nation,
Guided and guarded by the Muslim Armed Forces and Police.
As they pillage, rape, and kill,
Christians, children, pregnant women and farmers,
With glee and careless abandon.
As the President driven by rats from his office,
Watches in the other room in amusement.

Army, run by Muslim Hausa-Fulani,
Navy, run by Muslim Hausa-Fulani,
Police, run by Muslim Hausa-Fulani,
DSS, run by Muslim Hausa-Fulani,
Presidential Cabal, run by Muslim Hausa-Fulani,
Customs, run by Muslim Hausa-Fulani,
And NSCDC, run by Muslim Hausa-Fulani.

Is Nigeria, a presidential democracy,
Modeled after the United States as stated,
With three arms, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary?
Or a militocracy, modeled after a military dictatorship.
With the Muslim Hausa-Fulani Army, Navy, and Air Force commanding.
A sick, incoherent, and incompetent Muslim Hausa-Fulani President,
Who is in turn controlled by a Muslim Hausa-Fulani Cabal.

The Muslim Armed Forces of Nigeria, is commanding the Muslim President,
And not the Muslim President, commanding the Muslim Armed Forces.
The Muslim Police is performing military functions,
And the Muslim Army performing Police functions,
And the country is being Fulanized and Islamized.
Nigerians, brace for a Muslim military takeover,
The wild animals have taken over the zoo!

Many have died at the hands of the Muslim Hausa-Fulani,
Farmers slaughtered, Christians disemboweled, IPOB members mowed down,
Shias eliminated and buried in mass graves.
Many more are marked for slaughter,
Where are the consciences of the nation?
Where are the Nobel Laureates,
Does the world need another ethnic cleansing?

Where is the outrage?
Where is NDVF, OPC, SKPU, MEND, YLM, and MBPF?
Where is the African Union?
Where is ECOWAS?
Where is the UN, the EU?
Where is the Security Council?
Where are the so-called Christian Western nations?

Do black lives really matter in this world?
“When you condone injustice, injustice will condemn you” – Chidiogo.

DSS – Department of State Security.
ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States.
EU – Union.
IPOB – Indigenous People of Biafra.
MBPF – Middlebelt Peoples Forum.
MEND – Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.
NDVF – Niger Delta Volunteer Force.
NSCDC – Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps.
OPC – Oodua Peoples Congress.
SKPU – Southern Kaduna Peoples Union.
UN – United Nations
YLM – Yoruba Liberation Movement.

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