Before the ubiquity of smartphones, flying saucers hovering over the sky and thought to be aliens visited the Earth regularly. Con artists, the religiously confused, near lunatics, and the insane had a field day capturing these visiting aliens on camera. The images were usually doctored pictures. The arrival of Photoshop made picture doctoring detectable. Some even had rides on the space ships with their alien friends. No one can prove or disprove the existence of Aliens. What is obviously disturbing is the visitation of a few earthlings by their alien friends. The larger humanity is informed of these visits through photography.

Flashing, stationary, or moving lights also signify Aliens visiting Earth. Despite traveling billions and billions of miles in space, astronauts and cosmonauts have never seen these alien space ships. Humans without any special training or equipment sight these aliens regularly. Something is wrong with this picture, but why have these pictures of flying saucers disappeared?

Is it possible that Aliens are aware of new digital photography and known for their secrecy decided to change their mode of travel? Is it that the observers of these phenomena, realizing that photographic digital evidence must support every sighting of a flying saucer, decided to focus their fantasies on alien lights? Did humans inform Aliens to change their mode of travel? Photographing alien lights will be akin to capturing a “shooting star” on film. It is impossible to determine the location of the next shooting star and the same applies to Aliens who never inform humans of their next landing. Wait, but why have these Aliens not been photographed by the astronomical telescopes spread around the world?

Blame Apple Computer for the demise of the flying saucer. Apple released the first mass market smartphone on June 28, 2007. IBM’s Simon, released on August 16, 1994 had no camera so Aliens continued to fly in saucers. Flying saucers became rare sights after the release of the iPhone and other makes of smartphones such as Samsung. As UFO sightings increased from 2008, reports of visiting flying saucers dramatically decreased. One would have intuitively predicted a rise in flying saucers as UFO sightings increased. The few alien observers who saw flying saucers could not provide photographic evidence. Reason: “It happened too fast,” or “Their lights blinded me.” This is counterintuitive but the mentally ill are not brainless. They know how to tell a believable story. Hence the shift from flying saucers to alien lights.

The USA has the highest level of mental illnesses in the world and the highest number of UFO sightings in the world. It also has the highest number of homicides in the world. Are the Aliens instructing their mentally ill human friends to kill human nonbelievers in alienology? The bigger question is this: Is it possible that the level of sightings of these Aliens traveling in their light machines could be used as a surrogate for the level of stress/mental illness in a society? All these may sound absurd but remember that the earth was once thought to be flat. Mental Illness-UFO-Homicides. Should this linkage be explored by scientists?

While the numbers of UFO sightings have increased since 1980, there is a sharper increase since 2010. This spike is attributed to the internet and social media. This increase in sightings may be more related to the increase in stress levels and subsequently mental illness in a recessionary economy than to increasing use of the internet. The worldwide recession started in 2008, and UFO sightings saw large increases starting in 2010. Displaced, unemployed, and underemployed workers show increasing levels of mental illness, as they remain unemployed. Some have gone to their former workplaces and massacred former supervisors and coworkers, usually with guns.

Africastallestman believes that anyone reporting an alien sighting should undergo a mental health and religious evaluation.

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