After a series of recalculating, recalculating,
By the GPS.
Lo and behold,
Humans at last.
Two white ladies,
One in the Chrysler 300,
And the other outside,
Engaged in an animated conversation.

I bring my Mercedes close,
All hell broke loose.
The one outside scurries into the house,
The other rolls up the windows and speeds off.
I sense trouble.
As on cue the police cruiser with flashing lights,
Pulls up behind me in enemy territory,
Parking diagonally and obstructing traffic.

Two burly white police officers,
Encircle my car and insolently utter,
“Sir, may we help you”
Shouts of “thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,”
Flew out of my mouth.
“Thanks to those ladies for calling you,
May God bless their souls,
Officers, I am lost”

Wanted to surprise my son who just moved here.
Too new for accurate GPS mapping.
Ended up surprising two white ladies,
By asking for directions.
I am no criminal.
My only crime is making people feel better.
“Can I show you my license”
Not necessary, where are you going?

20386 Division Drive.
Just built by my son.
Spanking new and ornate.
“No more descriptions, drive behind us.
We are familiar with the building.
We almost shot your son yesterday.
Called to arrest a black burglar.
Turns out to be the owner of the house.”

Driving behind them,
It dawned on me.
This could have been a condolence visit.
Status, money, education, achievements, and fame.
None washes away blackness.
None buys you respect.
To the lowest white person you are still, a Nigger.
This is the bane of blackness.

3 thoughts on “THE BANE OF BLACKNESS.

  1. Bane of blackness…over burned during God’s roast
    Over fried during God’s omniscient craft even as host
    Omniscient ingenuity, omnipotent all-knowing divinity
    Black man, where is your hope as regards your dignity
    Will you abhor you existence and quest for fulfillment?
    How enlightened have you been for your beings enlightenment?
    Humiliated everywhere , and evidently no where an dignified host.
    I am black and proud, come what may. for yet I sing and dance to God of host.

  2. Oh wow. The saga of melanin in my skin. Tufiakwa!!!
    To the one that has ears….you have been awakened yet again. In case of incasity “ofu mkpulu aka ka oyi ji agwa oyi okwu…ochaja zia emezuo nya ise.

  3. So sad this type of incident were taking place during Obama presidency
    What will the make the black man gain respect in America?

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