While India is discarding the bastardized Anglicization of her towns, landmarks, rivers, monuments, and natural resources in favor of indigenous names, Africa is considering renaming the River Niger to River Mungo Park! A natural wonder of the world, Victoria Falls has been misappropriated by an English monarch. ZimZam Falls would be more appropriate to reflect the two African countries bordering it, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Would America rename the Niagara Falls, King Jaja Falls? No.

What is President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe waiting for? He claims to be the foremost anti-colonist African leader but his country’s greatest landmark is foreign? Why does the African not think clearly? Is any river, mountain, or monument in Europe named after Hannibal, the African Warrior? Instead of Hannibal, the Great or Hannibal, the Conqueror, he is named Hannibal, the Barbarian.
His African origin is inconclusive and is still under investigation! The dark-haired Mediterranean people suggest a genetic linkage to Africa probably through Hannibal. Let the investigation of his African origin continue, while the evidence is all over Southern Europe.

The marauding Arabs and Europeans adventurers may have left Africa physically, but Africa is still colonized by Arabs and Europeans through Islam and Christianity. These religious organizations have their headquarters outside Africa. While Arabs and Europeans will discard their faiths for material gain, Africans will murder other Africans opposed to their foreign religions.

The Eastern Europeans easternized Christianity, the Chinese chininized Christianity but Africans not only discarded their more ancient religion, but they are now more religious than their religious masters. Impoverished faithful Africans troop in droves to foreign lands with scarce public and private resources on pilgrimages. They burgeon the finances of wealthy Middle Eastern and European nations. What do they get in return for these holy observances? Continued darkness, lack of potable water, bad roads, primitive schools, epileptic electric supply, and further colonization.

The effects of religious colonization are more harmful than the effects of political colonization. With religious colonization, every facet of private and public life is subjected to religious tests. Islamic monarchs and dictators cozy up and embrace western ideas to maintain their stranglehold on their subjects. When their legitimacy is threatened, they invoke Sharia law and behead dissenters. Western nations espouse Christian values but look the other way when Christians are being persecuted in non-Christian nations. Why? Economic interests trump religion.

Christian and Islamic Africans are busy bending their heritage to comply with foreign Western and Eastern Religions! Nations are being renamed Islamic Republics as if Islam portends development, enlightenment, and emancipation.

Ancient, indigenous African religious artifacts to which Christians refer as pagan artifacts are preserved in Europe and have become a source of revenue through tourism. European colonists have misappropriated artifacts especially from Africa, the Middle East, and South America for display in their museums. Africans are forced to pay a fee to enjoy the handiwork of their ancestors.

The few artifacts left in Africa are being destroyed daily by marauding evangelizing African Religionists who do not believe in the principle of peaceful coexistence of different religions. Those ancient artifacts not destroyed, are clandestinely smuggled to Western nations by enterprising African Christians and Muslims, where they are worth fortunes. Has the mentally impaired African ever wondered why their religious masters are buying paganic objects? These objects that are supposed to cast spells, or deliver curses on trespassers, have not worked their magic on Arabs, Europeans, and Americans who have desecrated them. One would expect the religious artifacts to inflict harm, pain, up to and including death on their foreign desecrators. You would also have expected their inefficacy on foreigners to sound a death knell to superstition in Africa. But no, traditional African superstition had been supplanted by Christian superstition or miracles with roots in African superstition!

A further menace to the African religious psyche is the explosion of what Africastallestman terms new-fangled evangelical, Pentecostal churches that further impoverish Africans through tithing and sale of false miracles.
During colonialism, the missionaries plowed back some of the proceeds of their religious heists into the economy. Latter-day prophets and evangelists are more interested in living a luxurious lifestyle marked by financial, material, and amoral debauchery fueled by the proceeds of their tithing.

In summary, while physical colonization is ephemeral, religious colonization is permanent, and may further generate internal religious colonization, when the clever and ingenious Religionists, amongst the hitherto colonized, now employ the same methods of their erstwhile colonial masters in further brainwashing and ripping off their own people.

Africastallestman believes that economic development cannot lift Africa out of its economic doldrums without religious decolonization. Africans can practice any religion of their choice but there must be strict separation of church and state. Persons of every religious persuasion must be given equal treatments and have equal rights under the law. Theocracy or intermingling of faith and politics is a drag on any nation.

Religion has graduated from the opium of the people (Karl Marx) to the crack cocaine of the people. The effect of this crack could be seen by any visitor to any of the Pentecostal Churches in Africa where loud music, dancing, talking in tongues, and miracles are reminiscent of a rave party organized by cocaine addicts. The crack is provided by the highfaluting and self-serving sermons of deliverance, miracles, and redemption administered on the gullible members of the congregation. Their belief in miracles is similar to the effects of ecstasy (MDMA – 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) on the brain.


  1. Good, Karl Marx was the first European writer to call religion “the opium of the people”…mention his name please. A great insight into the African relationship to God and the world. is just an indelible imprint in our collective psyche.

  2. On African gene deformity: can Africans themselves solve that issue by any possible self-creative method?If their deformity arguably, is genetic as you long contend, that, time will correct that…will time heal a natural birth deformity? Neither time nor any form of education, can as such scratch deep enough,to make a dent in human nature as we know it, I would think.

    1. Human genes can change with time but not as fast as viruses. The coronavirus has changed in a matter of months.

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