A world without wars would be like an ocean without water.

Humans need wars just as they need oxygen.

To produce heroes, we need wars

To create victims, we need wars.

To justify hugely bloated defense budgets, we need wars.

To earn the humanitarian label, we need wars.

To steal human capital, we need wars.

To maintain hegemony, we need wars.

To instill fear in our enemies , we need wars.

To replace aging generals, we need wars

To read the Old Testament is to study war craft.

To establish Islam, Mohammed fought a series of wars.

To counter Islam, a series of wars (Crusades) were fought.

When the West engages the East, a Cold War ensues.

When Communists disagree with Capitalists, a shooting war ensues.

When countries are not fighting, they are preparing for wars.

When countries are not preparing for wars, they are perfecting war machines.

Wars are too profitable to become extinct.

As long as the world is not extinct, there will be wars.

Preventable wars become inevitable wars.

Strip money out of the military-industrial complex.

And wars will become extinct.

This is akin to stripping oxygen out of humans.

It will never happen.

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