When non-colored immigrants land on the shores of colored people, they declare themselves colonists and deem the original inhabitants aborigines, whatever that means. They proceed to rename every town, river, lake, mountain, and hill, pretending that they “discovered” structures that existed long before non-colored people were admitted to the world community. Some of the colored people are kidnapped and sold into slavery in the land of the non-colored peoples. The original inhabitants abhorrently become second-class citizens in their homelands. Wait, wait…. that may be the origin of aborigines.

When colored immigrants land on the shores of non-colored people, they are deemed Illegal aliens by the non-colored inhabitants. Did it occur to the non-colored people that it is the same spirit of adventure that the colored folks are displaying? Instead of a welcoming party to a land that was built with the loot from their lands, these colored adventurers are imprisoned and deported to their exploited homelands to continue suffering. Where is the justice and equity?

The non-colored people are able to play this game because of their greater firepower. They make most of the guns, rockets, and bombs in the world. Rocks, spears, machetes, bows and arrows are no match for guns, rockets, and bombs. You either put up with your aboriginal status or get killed or worse still enslaved. Free-spirited people will choose death over slavery.

Africastallestman demands a return to a visa-free world that the non-colored people exploited to become technologically dominant. After the exploitation of colored people, non- colored people have erected impregnable visa walls around their countries. If the non-colored want to create barriers to free movement of people, they should pay reparations, and colored people will never bother them again.

Gun, bombs, and rockets should not decide immigration status.

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