I must congratulate the DSS of President Muhammadu Buhari for inviting Apostle Johnson Suleiman for questioning. An Apostle in Nigeria condemns the Muslim slaughter of Christians, and the Nigerian DSS (Department of State Security) goes after him. His offense is to kill Fulani herdsmen, local and imported, who are about to kill you. His self-defense message is inciting, but the Fulani killings are peaceful!
Muslim leaders encourage these massacres of Christians by silent acquiescence, inciting speech, and body language, and nobody goes after them. The DSS should arrest and quiz the head of all Muslims in Nigeria to send a message to Muslims to stop butchering Christians.
Next, the Fulani killers and their local and foreign sponsors should be invited for questioning to ascertain their motives. Failure to invite the aggressors is a tacit approval by the Government of their Jihadist agenda. History tells us the only effective panacea for Jihads are Crusades.

Curiously, these dastardly beheadings, disembowelments, dicing, cutting, and slaughtering of Christians by the Muslim Fulani for economic and religious gains have intensified under President Muhammad Buhari. The Christian Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara and Christian Majority Whip, Distinguished Professor Lay Preacher Sola Adeyeye are yet to condemn these killings. I think that they should exit the closet and declare their true religion – Islam.

If the government of President Muhammadu Buhari continues to ignore these killing of human beings in a fashion repugnant to Eid al Fitr rams, then the Christians should ask for foreign help to prevent their total annihilation. Fulanis do not manufacture AK-47s and other automatic rifles. Someone must be protecting these murderers as they walk the length and breadth of Nigeria murdering sleeping peaceful citizens in the dead of the night.

Africastallestman believes in God and not religion. Since there is religious freedom in Nigeria, any religion under the threat of annihilation and extinction should employ every available means to ensure its survival. If Christians were killing Muslims, the influx of foreign Muslim fighters would exceed the population of Nigeria.

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